The Kandyaa Child Protection Centre in Togo


The state-approved child protection centre Kandyaa (protector) in Sokodé is one of the few such institutions in Togo. Here children in special emergency situations find temporary shelter, protection, psychosocial care and are prepared for their family and social reintegration wherever possible. These children are victims of brutal violence, exploitation, child trafficking, social exclusion and gross neglect. Most of them were abused, ostracized and expelled as so-called witch children.


Kandyaa has its own farm only 8 km from the centre. Corn, beans, yams, peanuts, fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants (e.g. against malaria) are cultivated here as well as chickens, rabbits and sheep. In this way, the children in the centre can be adequately supplied with basic foodstuffs.

In recent months, the farm has developed into a protective environment for the agricultural education of older children (from 14). For these children and their carers the existing simple latrine with a small washroom is no longer sufficient.

A new, larger and gender-separated sanitary facility with better hygiene standards, with washbasins for pots and dishes and for cleaning clothes is urgently needed.





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The goal of the RESPONSIBILITY club is to become active participants in social responsibility by implementing tangible solutions that address quality of life and health in underdeveloped communities. RESPONSIBILITY aims to achieve this goal by promoting good hygiene, cultivating infection prevention, and providing much-needed equipment for facilities like hospitals, retirement homes, or schools.



In 2016, Heiner Ophardt called together a group of Ophardt employees to found RESPONSIBILITY.

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  Heiner Ophardt as CEO of the Ophardt Group of Companies, Heiner feels a sense of duty to give back. For many years, he has been an active board member and donor for Opportunity International.

Opportunity International is a global microfinance charity offering microloans that empower people, create jobs and build vibrant communities in 26 countries around the world

Currently there are about 2 Mio. economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs benefiting from mirco credits issued by “Opportunity International” continuing the success story of this foundation.


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